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Extended Health

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Not all medical expenses are covered under the provincial health care system and the cost of drugs, dental, vision and other medical expenses can become a burden on an employee.

A Health Spending Account enables an employer to give their employees benefit dollars to cover these expenses.

And owners of the business can process their personal and family health expenses through the corporation instead of paying out-of-pocket and income tax on those amounts.

Eligible Expenses

Here's a preview of our eligible expenses list. You can download the complete list by clicking below. Feel free to reach out to confirm any expenses not included in the list.

Healthcare Professionals




Massage Therapist








Operating room


X-ray Technician

And more...

Hospital Services


Operating room

Oxygen masks tent


X-ray Technician

And more...


The As to your Qs

We know with implementing a new benefits plan, there are many questions that need to be asked about cost, coverage, how it differs from your current plan, and more. Well, we're here to help.

What's your cost?

We charge a 7.5% admin fee plus taxes on each claim. Your business only pays when claims are made. No claims, no cost.

Are there any additional fees?

None! There are no set-up fees, upfront payments, or monthly premiums. We only charge a 7.5% admin fee plus taxes on claimed expenses.

I already have a benefits plan from my spouse. Can I use your Healthcare Spending Account for any co-pay amounts?

Yes, you sure can! Once you collect the receipt for the co-pay amount, you can submit it as a claim.

I'm an owner. Can I claim my children's braces?

Yes, absolutely! As you're the owner who works in the business, you're able to pay for your family's health expenses, including your children's braces, through your corporation instead of out-of-pocket.

Does your Healthcare Spending Account cover brand name prescriptions?

Yes, it does! You can claim any prescriptions through our platform.

Can I submit medical expenses from the US?

Yes, you can! Just make sure you keep your receipt for submitting the claim through our platform.

Can I include my part-time employees? What about contractors?

Yes, you can add your part-time employees! Our platform allows you to create different budget classes, so you can create one specifically for your part-time staff. Contractors would be eligible only if they receive a T4 from the business. Otherwise, they wouldn't be considered employees to the CRA.

Instead of using your platform, why can't I just give an allowance to my employees?

You certainly can do that except the money you give back to your employees would trigger income tax that they'll have to pay. Healthcare Spending Accounts are tax-free benefits, which is more beneficial for your employees as they won't need to pay tax on those amounts.

What are the advantages of using your platform instead of administering this in-house?

Great question! There are three big advantages: 1) We review every claim and provide the structure to ensure you're compliant with the government. 2) Our platform keeps employee health information private, fostering workplace trust, and shields your business from potential legal action. And 3) our platform makes it super easy to manage and report on your benefits plan, to reimburse your employees, and for employees to submit claims through our beautifully designed mobile app.

Can I add your Health Spending Account to our existing group benefits plan?

Yes, you certainly can! We have many clients who leverage our platform's Healthcare Spending Account to supplement their traditional plan. For instance, your plan might only include $200 for vision every two years, which isn't much for someone who needs eyeglasses. So, you can provide our Healthcare Spending Account to your employees to solve that need for your team.


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