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Your business only pays when claims are made; the cost is the claim amount plus a 7.5% admin fee and applicable taxes. If there are no claims, there are no costs.

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“BeniPlus has allowed our employees to choose to allocate benefits in the areas they actually use depending on their health, wellness, and retirement needs.”

Arif Khimani

President and COO


The As to your Qs

Our pricing FAQs. If you have any additional questions, please click below to book time with us to chat.

Are there any additional fees?

None! There are no set-up fees, upfront payments, or monthly premiums. We only charge a 7.5% admin fee plus taxes on claimed expenses.

What if I'm an owner with no employees?

We'd love to have you! The Wallet is a very tax-efficient way for owners like yourself, who work in the company, to pay for your personal and family health expenses through your corporation instead of out-of-pocket.

How many employees do I need to enrol?

One employee is all you need! And that can be the owner or an employee.

How do I reimburse my employees?

There are two ways you can reimburse your employees: One, you can add funds from your business bank account to your Corporate Wallet, and our platform will use that as the payment source for any approved claims. Second, you can toggle the option for direct withdrawal from your business bank account, and this is a great option if you want to further streamline the reimbursement process.

How do I set my annual or monthly budget?

You'd set your annual or monthly budgets within your Admin portal of our platform. You can set different budgets for employee classes most relevant to your team structure, which could include Owner/Executive, Manager, Employee, and etc.


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