The Wallet

Flexible benefits that matches your goals

The Wallet gives your employees the ultimate flexibility with five benefit categories that matches their health, wellness, and retirement goals.

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a happy employee after his dentist appointment
a happy employee being able to care for her daughter's vision by buying her new glasses
Happy employees getting financial advice
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Happy employee playing golf
Happy employee meditating
Happy employees with their child
Getting Started

Get setup in 5 minutes

Setting up your benefits plan shouldn't take weeks with 'tons of paperwork to review. You can create your account, set your budgets, and add your team to start submitting claims.

Benefit Categories

Personalize your Wallet

Your employees can personalize their Wallets with five benefit categories. Empower your team with benefits that meets their health, wellness, and financial goals.

Healthcare Spending Account

A Healthcare Spending Account is your personal health budget, empowering you to cover a wide range of medical expenses, from dental work to massage therapy, exactly as you see fit.

Wellness Spending Account

A Wellness Spending Account gives you the freedom to invest in your well-being, covering costs for activities and services that keep you at your best, like gym memberships or yoga classes.

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

An RRSP, or Registered Retirement Savings Plan, is your financial nest egg for the future, allowing you to save for retirement on a tax-deferred basis.

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving lets you support causes close to your heart directly from your Wallet, making it easy and efficient to contribute to the greater good.

Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance offers you a safety net for life's unexpected turns, covering everything from health emergencies to long-term disability. It’s designed to provide peace of mind, ensuring you and your loved ones are protected.

How It Works

Same-day approval. Next-day money-back

No more janky online portals to submit your claims. Your team will love using our mobile app to easily upload their receipts, and our technology automatically facilitates the reimbursement from your business. Same-day approval. Next-day money back.

Upload your receipt

Your employee will pay for their service, collect the receipt, sign into their BeniPlus account on desktop or mobile, and upload the receipt as a new claim.

BeniPlus upload your receipt as a new claim

Same-day approval

Once they've submitted their claim, BeniPlus will review it the same business-day to ensure it's legitimate, has the correct receipt, and it's CRA-compliant.

Check your claim status in BeniPlus' app

Corporate Wallet

Once the claim is approved, our platform will look into your Corporate Wallet for available funds to reimburse your employee. Our platform will send a reminder notification if there aren't sufficient funds to cover the claim.

View your company's available funds to reimburse your employees


Our platform will facilitate the full claim amount back to the employee directly into their bank account. Your employee will receive the funds within 24 hours. BeniPlus will collect our 7.5% admin fee plus taxes.

Check the completed status in BeniPlus' app

Claim recorded

Every claim is recorded in the platform for reporting while keeping employee health information private. You can export an excel file for easy bookkeeping.

View your claims in BeniPlus' reporting module

Build your plan for free

Get started today by building your plan. No upfront payments. No long-term commitments. Entirely pay-as-you-go. You won't incur any costs until your team submits a claim.


The As to your Qs

We know with implementing a new benefits plan, there are many questions that need to be asked about cost, coverage, how it differs from your current plan, and more. Well, we're here to help.

What's your cost?

We charge a 7.5% admin fee plus taxes on each claim. Your business only pays when claims are made. No claims, no cost.

Are there any additional fees?

None! There are no set-up fees, upfront payments, or monthly premiums. We only charge a 7.5% admin fee plus taxes on claimed expenses.

What type of coverage do I get?

You'll have five benefit categories you can enable within the platform. Healthcare Spending will cover all your medical expenses related to dental, vision, prescriptions, physio, and more. Personal Insurance lets your employee purchase insurance products for Life and AD&D, Travel, Critical Illness, and more.

Can I decide which categories you can enable? And can employees allocate their own Wallets?

Yes, you can set your available categories in the beginning of your term, and within the first two weeks of every January going forward. This also applies to employees when they set their Wallet allocations.

Can I use your platform as an add-on to our existing group benefits plan?

Yes, absolutely! We can serve as your standalone or add-on benefits plan to best serve your team's needs.

What if I'm an owner with no employees?

We'd love to have you! The Wallet is a very tax-efficient way for owners like yourself, who work in the company, to pay for your personal and family health expenses through your corporation instead of out-of-pocket.

How do I submit a claim?

Submitting a claim is a simple three-step process. Firstly, you snap a photo of your expense receipt. Secondly, you login to your BeniPlus account on your desktop or mobile device to upload the receipt. And lastly, BeniPlus reviews and approves your claim the same business-day day, and you'll receive the funds back into your bank account within 24 hours.

How many employees do I need to enrol?

One employee is all you need! And that can be the owner or an employee.

How do I reimburse my employees?

There are two ways you can reimburse your employees: One, you can add funds from your business bank account to your Corporate Wallet, and our platform will use that as the payment source for any approved claims. Second, you can toggle the option for direct withdrawal from your business bank account, and this is a great option if you want to further streamline the reimbursement process.

How is your platform different than traditional group benefit plans?

With a traditional employee benefits plan, companies need to choose between set plans and then they pay a monthly premium based on their employees’ demographics and medical conditions. They pay the same monthly premium even if employees do not use the benefits and if they do use them, the company may get a noticeable increase in costs at the end of each year. With the BeniPlus Wallet, companies get to choose the limit each employee can spend each year and they only pay if their employee uses the plan. There are no surprises at renewal time.

How are you different from a Healthcare Spending Account?

Healthcare Spending Account is one of our platform categories, but we do much more. Your team will have access to four additional benefit categories to highly personalize their benefit Wallet based on their yearly goals, including Wellness Spending, RRSP, Charitable Giving, and Personal Insurance.

How do I set my annual or monthly budget?

You'd set your annual or monthly budgets within your Admin portal of our platform. You can set different budgets for employee classes most relevant to your team structure, which could include Owner/Executive, Manager, Employee, and etc.

What if I want to include group insurance for risk protection?

You can add that too! You can request a quote for a group insurance policy that could Life and Long-Term Disability within the platform or reach out to our team.

How do I get started?

Getting started with us takes two simple steps. One, you'd complete this online form, which takes less than five minutes. Second, you'll meet our team for your 30-minute onboarding session, which will include a product walkthrough and adding your employees. And then...that's it! You and your team will have access and you can start submitting claims. Sign up here.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

Get started today, and build your plan in less than 5 mins

Your business only pays when claims are made; the cost is the claim amount plus a 7.5% admin fee and applicable taxes. If there are no claims, there are no costs.

How many employees?

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